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From the Isle of Skye comes this Talisker single malt, which has spent 18 years in casks which previously held bourbon and sherry. A sweet and smoky malt, a must have for any Talisker fan. If you weren’t already convinced, this fabulous dram picked up the title Best Whisky in the World at the 2007 World Whiskies Awards too.

Talisker was 007's drink of choice, not the martini--shaken or not. It is the Isle of Skye’s only distillery and was originally built in 1831 before being rebuilt in 1960 after a fire destroyed the entire facility. Talisker commissioned 5 exact replicas of the original still to be constructed to preserve its signature flavor. An interesting component of these stills is the swan-neck lye pipes that force some of the alcohol to be condensed before they hit the worm tubs and is redistilled. This gives Talisker its rich body!

Talisker : 18 Years

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