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Whisky as an Investment- Liquid Gold 

Whisky can be a great investment because it is a tangible asset with a long history of appreciation in value. Many collectors and investors are willing to pay premium prices for rare and sought-after bottles of whisky.

Internet is full of the stories that how some bottles of rare and collectable whiskies increase in value exceptionally overtime but let us tell you that, it is almost impossible for ordinary investor to get hold of one of these bottles and then deal with various auction houses to exit the investment.

It is very difficult for you sell your rare bottle even if you get hold of one of these bottles because you need to have substantial amount of bottles in your collection to make good returns.


We provide much more clear, simple and transparent approach to invest in whisky bottles. Our collection of limited bottles just start from 3,000 THB and goes up to 2,500,000 THB giving opportunity to vast majority of people to invest in whisky bottles. 

We provide clear entry and exit strategy to make sure that you do not have to deal with any kind of hassle when it comes to investing in bottles of whisky.


Here are top 5 reasons that why should you invest in whisky with us -


1. Tangible and real asset - You can hold to the bottles and store it at your place which makes it secure tangible asset. Unlike any other class, you are getting real asset.

2. Liquid Gold - Unopened bottle of whisky like gold never goes bad and it takes lots of time and craftsmanship to produce rare and collectable whisky.

3. Your Bottle Never go down in value - Like any other investment, not all bottles goes up in price over time and few may go down indeed. We give you peace of mind by providing buyback guarantee on all bottles recommended by us for investment.

4. Clear Exit Strategy - We provide you with clear exit strategy by giving you guaranteed and projected returns overtime. You clearly know how much your investment worth at any given point in time.

5. Authentication - A bottle of collectable whisky is considered a luxury item and you can easily be victim of fake fraud. We get all our bottles from distributors or reputable collectors after authentication.

At last you can always enjoy a rare and luxury bottle of whisky. It makes perfect drink or a gift for special occasions. 

Click here to see our partial whisky collection. We offer more extensive collection to our private clients

Real world examples of whisky Bottles investment

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