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ROYAL SALUTE 2022 CNY Edition. This rich and complex whisky from Chivas is aged for 21 years in oak casks before bottling in handcrafted porcelain flagons.

Royal Salute was launched on 2nd June 1953 as a tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on her Coronation Day. The name of this exceptional Scotch Whisky comes from the 21 Gun Royal Salute, which is fired as a mark of respect for powerful dignitaries.


At her coronation, the crown of Queen Elizabeth II was set in rubies, sapphires and emeralds. These precious stones remain the inspiration for the colours of Royal Salute’s handcrafted flagons.


Awards :


Gold Best Blended Scotch Over 21 Years Old - 2020 : International Spirits Challenge

Silver Scotch Whisky - Blended - 2019 : International Wine & Spirit Competition

Royal Salute 21 Years - Chinese New Year Edition

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