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An exceptionally rich single malt whisky characterised by its deep, dark chocolate profile.


Crafted from a harmonious combination of European and American oak casks, this rich single malt whisky pairs in perfect harmony with fine chocolates for an elevated tasting experience. 


Through this unique experience, Polly took inspiration from the duo’s passion, knowledge and creativity to create The Macallan Harmony Collection Rich Cacao. She explored The Macallan’s maturing casks to seek out whisky with rare indulgent chocolate notes that would harmoniously pair with fine chocolates for a rich and unique tasting experience.



Toasted cacao beans



Chocolate fondant, honey, oak, zesty lime and ginger



Dark chocolate, honey, dates, vanilla and cinnamon.



Long with rich chocolate.

Macallan The Harmony Collection - Rich Cacao - Limited Edition

SKU: 260722TH5368
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