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The Octomore 10’s series explores a ‘softer smoke’ approach to the range allowing for the presence of the Octomore spirit to play its part as well.

Distilled in 2013 from 100% Scottish grown concerto barley, Octomore 10.1 is the first release of the 10’s series. It’s deliberately stripped back and aged for 5 years in a selection of ex- American oak (first fill) whiskey casks from Buffalo Trace, Heaven Hill, Jack Daniels and Jim Beam. The 10.1 edition is not quite the peat bomb of past Octomore releases but nicely exposes the structure and presence of the Octomore spirit offering a more subtle smoke.

Bruichladdich : Octomore Edition 10.1 - Ppm.107 Alc.59.8%

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