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Bols Crème de Cassis is a luscious blackcurrant liqueur presented in a 70cl bottle, showcasing the renowned craftsmanship of Bols, a historic Dutch distillery. Bursting with the rich essence of ripe blackcurrants, this vibrant liqueur delivers a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness, capturing the essence of the sun-soaked berries. The meticulously selected blackcurrants undergo a meticulous maceration process, extracting their natural flavors. Bols, with a legacy dating back to 1575, ensures a premium quality liqueur that can be enjoyed on its own, mixed into delightful cocktails, or added to enhance various culinary creations. Elevate your beverage experience with Bols Crème de Cassis.

Bols Creme De Cassis (70 cl)

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