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Singleton of Dufftown 12-Year-Old VAPS F23 (70cl) is a captivating expression of Scotch whisky craftsmanship. This distinguished single malt, aged for a dozen years, unveils a harmonious dance of flavors, where the rich, honeyed notes intertwine with hints of warm spices and subtle oak. Distilled with precision in the heart of Dufftown, this unique spirit is an eloquent testament to the artistry and tradition that define Singleton. Indulge in the smooth elegance and nuanced complexity that only a 12-year maturation can bestow upon this exceptional whisky. Each sip is a journey through time and taste, a celebration of the meticulous craftsmanship embodied in every drop of this limited-edition release.

Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old VAPS F23 (70Cl)

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